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Echoes of light

I awoke to a sacred vision.

I was nine years old.

Too young to manifest and too strong willed to let it go.


I watched. I lived. I left, and now I am back.

This vision speaks to women and children.

It speaks to ALL that we carry beneath the layers.

It speaks to a life long lineage of containment and control.

This vision carries a vibration that is self-freeing.

It carries the potential for transformation that is just so highly contagious

This vibration echoes along side a powerful tribe

A tribe of women who have freed themselves

Who know their power, know their worth and have boundless courage.

This sacred vision is now coming full term.

The last cord I will cut will release this fear.

The fear of the wisdom that lives in my bones.

This is more than a global shift.

This is more than releasing the dark to live in the light.

This is a cosmic shake down.

Calling to every constellation and beyond to ignite, connect and glow

From there we source our power to free ourselves,

to let this earth stand still on its axis, long enough to emit new light.

Cosmic echoes of Core light connected through matter.

~Ange Arbuckle