• Living out my Wildest Dreams in Hawaii.

    Mom to three boys.

    Kick ass manifestor


    Jewelry Maker.

    Space Holder for Women's Retreats

    & Life Coach.


  • Life coach, space holder......what the hell?

    Let's be honest for a moment, no one has it all together!

    Besides, falling deeper in love with life is amazing and worth every penny you invest into yourself!

    Why me?

    I've been where you are and now I am standing on the other side.

    I have invested tens of thousands and dedicated half of my life to fully align with my souls work.

    Together we will spark curiosity and creativity and start designing your life with your soul's purpose.


    Personal transformation is a tailored journey and each client I work with is unqiue.

    We will start with reconnecting to the essence of who you are.

    Lean in.

    Lean into your discomfort.


    Ask the questions that you fear the answer.


    Watch your life shift before your eyes and live the life of your dreams

    A Tip.

    I know that in order to have change we must be willing to try something new....


    What are you waiting for?

    Let's get started on your EPIC journey...

    Submit below and we will Skype to see if our magic aligns

  • Consider.....

    “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is

    translated through you into action, and

    because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.

    And if you block it,

    it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
    ― Martha Graham

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  • About me

    Living. Writing. Laughing. Dancing. Dreaming. Being. Giving. Mothering. Unschooling. Travelling. Cooking... Oh, did I mention living!

    The nuts and bolts of my journey.

    I love waking up in the wee hours of the morning before the world around me rises. It is when I write and quietly sip coffee in Hawaii on the ocean every morning for the past SIX years. After many years of my own inner work, I can finally say that I am in love with living and being my radiant and wild self in this crazy world. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Don't be completely fooled! I still have no a clue where I will find myself in the next month or the next five years for that matter. Wild living can do that! My contradiction to 'radiating in Hawaii' is that I have a dark past that I had tried my damnedest to color over and cover over.


    Addiction, sexual abuse, physical abuse, abortion, divorce.....you know, the heavy stuff that no one really wants to talk about.

    I started writing when I was eight years old to try and make sense of the world around me. Writing was simply how I survived as I lived in a world where no one really knew me or knew the person that I was desperately trying to hide. I labeled myself as "damaged" and I was certain that everyone would judge me or reject me, if they really knew.


    Starting in my early 20's I experimenting with just about everything to attempt to feel ok on the inside. The shit I had buried was finding its way to the surface of my daily life. Not to mention that I was growing tired of hiding and always secretly feeling like something was wrong with me.

    Fast forward through years of talk therapy, reading, spiritual quests, silent retreats, cleansing, smudging, meditating, yoga, and reiki -which all helped but almost always felt short lived.

    I always knew my answers lived within me...I just didn't know how to get there or how to get past my own walls of protection. Ironically, I even built a career where I owned a wellness center where "spirituality and healing" was my gig. I was literally surrounded by light and light workers and could still only feel this heavy darkness.


    So. How did I get from there to here?

    Well, there are MANY paths that lead to many places.... as we all know! I just happened to find one that lead me to discover inner transformation that stayed and lasted. I embarked on a five day intensive journey called Decloaking and Living Authentically through the WEL-Systems Institute (LouiseLeBrun) and I have never looked back! This journey was 'the how' that I was looking for and is one way that I have allowed myself to look deep inside so I could FINALLY stop living from my past. 


    These days, I have come to know that I am much more than my lived experiences and I am anything BUT broken. I can finally say that I feel complete and whole inside. I did not say perfect, nor did I say that I have life figured out! But I had discovered a body of knowledge that offered a new path to personal freedom.

    The beauty in all of this is that our journey never ends, our past never leaves and our life becomes a CHOICE.

    I simply chose a path where I now shape my world, instead of allowing my past be what shapes my future.


    WHY look?

    Well, because as spiritual as I had believed myself to be and despite the many books, therapy sessions and retreats I embarked on, I had not yet come close to the history and INNER truth I had tucked away. This old story was still shaping my world, and to think that it wasn't still impacting me or my kids would have been sheer insanity. Everyone has their own reasons for looking and my reason was simply to end some shitty cycles.

    I knew that history, cycles and patterns ALWAYS repeat themselves

    and I wanted to be THE ONE to end them for myself, my sons and the world around me.


    So. Now what?

    These days my journey looks like being with my sons, making jewelry and of course writing and working on my first poetry book!

    Writing is what I love. Opening up my inner world to others with the hope that my journey may impact another is the plan. I am a CODE Model Coach with the WEL-System Institute and work alongside MANY kick-ass incredible women offering retreats and holding a healing space.

    I feel that the beauty of life is that we choose every day and every moment how we wish to SEE the world and SEE our own inner world.

    These days, I can truly say that I see and feel more light than ever before!








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