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“the truth shall set you free”… was bullshit to me.

There has been a brewing storm of magic being created this past year known as The Rural Consciousness Project. It has become an ever evolving space for women who choose to stay fiercely committed to the evolution of themselves, their families, their communities and the world, to stay in the absolute toughest of conversations -completely naked in their vulnerability, sharing their deepest truth while honoring the diversity they each contribute to a shared world. There is a primal willingness to venture into the places and spaces inside that were once deemed unsafe that is highly contagious and FREEING.

It is time.  Woman all over the world are waking up.  They are gathering and rediscovering the power and magic we instinctively carry within our bodies.  The seeds of transformation have long been planted and in many ways we are just beginning to take root, collectively sprouting a very different choice in how we engage ourselves and the world around us.

There has been a deep activation to loosen the current cultural mindset at play for quite some time now. It has been powerful and essential.  Every prophet, yogi, guru, artist, edge worker and conscious leader has been pivotal to the awakening of humanity.  NOW- is the time to awaken SELF and embody the ancient wisdom that literally comes alive as we reclaim our past, discovering we are so much more then we have been taught.

The Rural Consciousness Project, Deb Ozarko: Status Quo Crusher, and The WEL-Systems Institute®; founder Louise LeBrun invite you to Decloaking and Living Authentically November 2nd-6th 2015 on the stunning Sunshine Coast of BC.

This five day experience will activate and awaken the very tissue of your being.

The ripple from this solid and rooted creation on the Sunshine Coast will be unlike any other. It will defy logic, dissolve the status quo, and exceed limited thinking. The power of these five days will invite and allow you to touch your seeds of your deepest potential. Beneath the stories and the conditioning that has shaped who you are today is another layer of truth waiting to surface. Unleashing this deep energy, your truth will be your gateway to your evolution and the beginning step to embodying consciousness and living beyond limitations.

Freedom is possible once we LIVE the truth we feel inside…this freedom is literally available every moment of every day.  In this simple experience life becomes a creation of our choice.

I share with you below my raw, unfiltered story of awakening and what it took for me to choose myself:

I recall the mounting fear and my harsh judgements.

I recall telling stories to cousins, friends and family of how I believed my best friend may be in a cult….in some crazy program where they talk different and are just so different.  I watched my friend change and yes grow….I watched for two years.  I can barely describe the fear I contained inside whenever a conversation would suggest that I have some responsibility to my life, my feelings, my daily living.  I was hell bent of believing that life was happening TO me and that much of everything that was wrong was mostly because of someone else….their fault.  My heels were dug in pretty tight to even considering spending five days in conversation and fuck…with other women.  Deep down, I viewed women as wolves and believed they would eat me alive in my vulnerability.  I wanted to hold onto my ‘normal life’ and wanted nothing to change….except the lies.  I wanted the lies I was desperately burying to maintain this ‘normal life’ to go away and the truth that lived deep inside of me…I wanted that to go away too.

“the truth shall set you free”… was bullshit to me.  

And so I continued on my noble path creating more and more of a life that did not come close to matching the person I am inside and with each new baby, house, business, or the next grand purchase I could feel the separation.  The separation and distance of the person I was trying to BE from the woman who wanted to live barefoot on a beach.

The funny thing about truth is that it never really goes away….we can bury it and hide it all we want but our truth is real and lives inside of us.

You see.  I watched my best friend and many other women literally wake up.  Wake up to more of themselves and I could literally feel a different energetic vibration every time I was near their presence.  Finally I asked myself a bigger question.  A question that I was ready to hear and to really feel the answer rise up from my soul.

In my moment of honesty, I asked myself if I continue on this path for the next 10,20,30,40 years and continue living the same way I’ve lived – will I be happy, content and fulfilled? Is what I am doing working for me and does it match who I know myself to be?

That question took place on a Sunday evening as I sat on the front steps of my newly opened wellness center…my dream.   Literally the next morning I was flying up a long dirt road with my third son (four months old) to sit with the ‘wolves’ and I have NEVER looked back SINCE.

I recall standing in the kitchen on day four and looking into Naomi’s eyes and feeling sad and pissed that I waited so long to set myself free.  It was as though she discovered gold and was waiting until I was ready to SEE, FEEL AND BE my own gold.  I recall the enlivened and magical feeling of just being in my body….no shut down, no running, no hiding feelings and my hardened shell had softened…hell it was gone!

So.  Here’s what I know.  I know that I had been seeking, reading, meditating, juicing, traveling, consulting, and you name it for 15 years before my first Decloacking and Living Authentically experience.  I know that much of what I previously done was great and yet it lacked something.  It was missing the everyday ‘HOW’.  I know after every investment my partner would roll his eyes after I slipped right back into my old ways.

I know that there is an IMMENSE difference between theory and lived experience.  

I know that talking about a way of living and being will only take me/you so far AND we are destined for much more.  I know that after almost five years of engaging in this way of being and discovery my life is radically different and the outside FINALLY matches the inside!

I know that -YES change is scary and yet to me the ‘managing’ or ‘quelling’ the force of unlived potential dying inside of me WAS killing my spirit and that was fucking scary too!   

I know that the five women of The Rural Consciousness Project carry a vibration of accelerated evolution that is so god damn contagious that if you are looking to meet every ounce of what lives inside of you then you are in the absolute BEST of company.  I know these women as sacred, powerful and magical creators who are HERE to awaken humanity and this will take a living conscious village…so….are YOU in?



To read about the exquisite details of this POWERFUL and EPIC week, please see the link below!

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