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the swirl and the rise


That flicker in time when all lights are green


The pull back and doubt simply fade 

The threat of having it all now feels safe

The unknown road that lies ahead is still unknown

And for once thats ok

By no means is this it

Not yet

This is simply you saying yes

You closed your eyes

You met your wildest dream

The explosion of ecstasy rushed through you 

Letting go of all harsh consequences 

You are free

Look beyond your old labels and patterns

Look past the cage you once lived

The past you had once settled into 

Beyond the absolute world you were handed

Your inner work is now rising to meet you

ALL of you is coming this time

Coming to see and be your own light

Your freedom is here

You life begins with this breath, this step and this moment

The lights are green, the canvass is clear

Your Life and life’s work is calling

This time you don’t have to choose

You can have both


Ange Arbuckle

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