To me.

Worth it isn't something you need to 'work' on.

Worth does not just magically appear.

My idea of true worth differs from what I've been shown.

It now differs from the collective 'path' of value.

Differs from the endless obsession with consumption just because "I am worth it".

Something happens when you take a long hard look around you and within you.

When you take inventory of where you invested yourself and where you didn't.

When you finally let go of the game of validation and acceptance.

You will be amazed at how much worth already lives inside of you.

As you begin to tap inward….into a space you've always had- but needed to find again.

Suddenly your own validation becomes your new measure.

You realize having another 'like you' means very little if you cannot like yourself.

I have discovered the more I embrace myself, the less I seek to prove myself.

Don't worry.

I revert back to my old ways from time to time…, people pleasing and endless comparison.

IT happens.

And then I quickly realize that it doesn't feel the same, in fact it feels like shit.

The old ways I paid value to myself is simply no longer worth it.

The cost these days is always to my soul.

This inner journey has allowed me to see my scars as mistakes as lessons and ultimately my life as my own to create.

A dangerous level of inner freedom has awoken inside as I no longer shape shift WHO I am in another's presence.

A freedom that amplifies my inner spark to just be me.

I've uncovered this space of inner core worth and inner value that FINALLY feels priceless.

To me.

This is a gold mine of my LIFE force that began as I finally said yes to my soul.

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